Preaching Essentials: Bible Study Method

There are 5 sermon development methods we will cover in "Preaching Essentials":

  1. Topical Method
  2. Goal Driven Method
  3. Truth-Anchored Proposition Method
  4. Application-Anchored Proposition Method
  5. Bible Study Method

These sermon development methods come into play in the 4th step of our "4 Steps of Sermon Development".

This is the Bible Study Method.

Step 1: Select talking points for the main points.

Once you have the main idea of the scripture, you need to select your talking points. In the Bible Study Method, each piece of background information, every word, every phrase, and every name that deserves explanation would be considered a talking point. Each talking point becomes a main point. So within each main point, you would explain the talking point – what it means, how we apply it to our lives, etc. You will likely find much of this information from your observation and interpretation steps from when you studied the passage. For instance, if the main idea is, “Jesus taught His disciples how to pray”, from Matthew 6, here are some talking points you might use:

  • Pray
  • Hypocrites
  • Synagogues
  • That they may be seen by others
  • They have received their reward

Here is a basic outline for this sermon development method:  

[Main Idea]

[Introduction: Be sure to introduce the main idea and read the scripture]

[Main Point #1: 1st talking point]
[Main Point #2: 2nd talking point]
[Main Point #3: 3rd talking point]
[Main Point #4: 4th talking point]
[Main Point #5: 5th talking point]